2014-2015 District Directory

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2014 Charge Conference Schedule

Bakers Chapel16-Nov4:00 PM
Barton21-Sep9:00 AM
Batesville: First9-Nov4:00 PM
Batesville: St. Pauls9-Nov2:00 PM
Byhalia - Fountainhead(PS)28-Sep9:00 AM
Calvins Chapel28-Sep2:00 PM
Charleston-Tippo26-Oct11:00 AM
Clarksdale: First19-Oct11:00 AM
Clarksdale: Haven19-Oct2:00 PM
Clarksdale: St. Pauls19-Oct9:00 AM
Cockrum-Lewisburg9-Nov9:00 AM
Coffeeville26-Oct4:00 PM
Coldwater-Arkabutla5-Oct2:00 PM
Como-Wesley Chapel2-Nov9:00 AM
Courtland2-Nov6:00 PM
Crenshaw5-Oct6:00 PM
Free Springs2-Nov11:00 AM
Getwell Road23-Nov4:00 PM
Greenleaf-Palestine5-Oct9:00 AM
Hernando - Eudora(PS)23-Nov6:00 PM
Hinds Chapel-Horn Lake16-Nov9:00 AM
Holly Springs: Asbury28-Sep4:00 PM
Holly Springs: First28-Sep11:00 AM
Hunter's Chapel-Truslow5-Oct4:00 PM
Independence-Hebron5-Oct11:00 AM
Love9-Nov11:00 AM
Lifespring16-Nov2:00 PM
Lula-Friars Point12-Oct2:00 PM
Lyon12-Oct4:00 PM
Marks-Lambert19-Oct6:00 PM
Mineral Wells23-Nov9:00 AM
Minor Memorial16-Nov11:00 AM
Mt. Pleasant21-Sep11:00 AM
Mt. Vernon-Tyro28-Sep6:00 PM
Oakland26-Oct2:00 PM
Olive Branch: Maples Memorial23-Nov2:00 PM
Panola2-Nov2:00 PM
Pleasant Grove-Fredonia14-Sep11:00 AM
Pleasant Hill16-Nov6:00 PM
Pope2-Nov4:00 PM
Rice's Chapel-Early Grove21-Sep2:00 PM
Sardis-Davis Chapel8-Nov6:00 PM
Sardis-Davis Chapel9-Nov6:00 PM
Senatobia: First12-Oct9:00 AM
Southaven: First23-Nov11:00 AM
Taylor's Chapel-Strickland21-Sep4:00 PM
Trinity19-Oct4:00 PM
Tunica: First12-Oct11:00 AM
Victoria-Red Banks21-Sep6:00 PM
Water Valley: First-Bethlehem26-Oct5:30 PM
Water Valley: North Main26-Oct7:00 PM
Webb-Sumner26-Oct9:00 AM

Pulpit and Altar Needs a Church Home

A member of Batesville 1st United Methodist church has a beautiful pecan and white pulpit and altar to give away to any church that needs them. Any church interested may contact Ed Temple (662.563.4534), pastor at Batesville 1st or Cheryl Denley (662. 562.5865)  at the district office.

Final Mission Reflection by Amanda Gordon

Gloria a Dios (Glory to God)
Final El Salvador Mission Team Reflection
By: Amanda Gordon

The vision statement of UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission) is “Transforming the world through ‘Christian Love in Action.’” Our Senatobia District Team went to El Salvador guided by this idea of sharing and showing God’s love; we even had 1 John 3:18 printed on our team t-shirts: “Let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” Guided by God’s grace, our entire team lived out this Scripture in so many ways this past week, but we also were recipients of people in El Salvador living out this verse in so many ways. The people we met in El Salvador were a true blessing to us. They were warm, kind, hospitable and caring. I am so amazed by the connections we were able to make in just one week.

As I write this article, I am still processing my experience, but I do want to share with you my biggest Holy Spirit moment of the week. One morning while passing out food, we visited the home of a woman who had a small store in her home to help support her and her family (this was very common in Ahuachapan). She sold items like eggs, snacks, and basic cooking items. She shared with us that it was so hard to see all the hungry children in her neighborhood, but if she just gave away her food then she would have nothing to support her family. (Keep in mind that most people only make $3-5 a day from their stores.) After we prayed with her, I was able to present her with a food bag. But, before she would even take the bag, she began praying and praising God; over and over she thanked God for this gift of food and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come over me as she prayed. I stood there holding that bag thinking, “I have no idea what it is like to be this thankful for a bag of food,” and I was so moved by her gratitude. After she finished her prayer, she received the bag, thanked us all and gave us hugs. It was a holy moment indeed, but it definitely was not the only holy moment of the week.

Each of our team members has stories to share and we are working on putting together a dvd of pictures of our amazing week in El Salvador. If you would like to have team member(s) come to your church to share about our trip, please let me know (662-781-1333 or amandaMMUMC@gmail.com). Also, if you are exploring mission trip opportunities, I would highly recommend working with Salvadoran Mission Projects and would be glad to talk to you more. They are truly an organization through which “Christian Love in Action” is happening in El Salvador.

In closing, I want to thank Nathan, Billie, Marcia, Adam, Alena, Annese, Adrienne, Chris, Kayla, Deby, Cynthia, David, Andrew, and Amber for being an amazing team to lead; each of you has blessed my life and thank you for your willingness to step out in faith and go on this trip. None of us had ever been to El Salvador before, but I doubt it will be the last time for any of us!
Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for us before and during the trip and thank you to all who gave financially to make this trip possible. There is no way to know how many lives were touched during our week in El Salvador, but I can guarantee you that for the 15 of us who went, this trip has made a lasting impact on our faith journey!

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Friday Mission News from Annese Jaffery


By Annese Jaffery
Mission Team Member

Today was an emotional challenge to say the least. It was our last day at the worksite of El Shaddai Iglesia.

When we arrived at the worksite +today, my teammates and I were greeted by all of the amigos we have met the past week. I will never forget the smiles that radiated from these boys’ faces. It was inevitable that a futbol game was going to ensue. They were overjoyed by just playing futbol with us, and that meant so much to me. I continued to play with our new friends for a while and then a thought crossed my mind… “Maybe I should be helping build the church”. I questioned if I was contributing enough. After contemplation during a water break I realized that I was, in fact, building the church. I was hopefully connecting these boys to the church that was being built, and where one day they would be members. I may never know if the boys will attend the church or not, but when they see the church as they walk to begin their daily futbol game, I know they will think of us and the friendships we created.

I am very reluctant to leave the wonderful people I have met. I have been greeted with nothing but smiling faces, and that is something not always found in the US. This experience has strengthened my walk with God, and has given me much more insight on this amazing world He has created.

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Thursday Mission News from Nathan Hickerson


By Nathan Hickerson- Assistant Team Leader,
UMVIM Coordinator Senatobia District UMC

When we started planning for this trip, I traveled around the Senatobia District spreading encouragement about this trip and all the glorious ways God would use us in El Salvador. I also spoke about how we would also be changed when we did see God in El Salvador. Well, +today a local man taught me more in thirty minutes about God than I had learned in twenty three years. Juan Francisco Mendez married his love thirty seven years ago. They moved into a small house and started a family. His family now consists of his wife, two children, and two grandchildren. Our guide, Fernando, told Juan I was about to celebrate my first year of marriage, and Juan immediately began sharing with me tips on marriage. How in the first four to five years we were getting to know each other. He talked about patience and commitment. He told me how we were still figuring out each other’s characters. Then he told me that after the first five years we would become one. Juan then took this opportunity to tell us about Jesus. “Jesus does not just live in El Salvador” he said, “he lives in the United States too, and in the entire world. He told us how Jesus does not just love the poor, but he loves the rich too. Wow, have you ever heard it preached that way before? Juan speaks at his local church but he won’t admit it, “it is all from God”, he said. It looks like I was correct when I told the Senatobia District that we would be changed in El Salvador. I thought I was going to be a teacher for God here, and instead I was taught by a man who truly had God’s heart.

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Wednesday Mission News from Annese Jaffery


By Annese Jaffery
Mission Team Member

While constantly Youtubing videos of El Salvador and praying for God to prepare me, I thought I was ready for the experience. I never imagined what would be in store for me and my team. I never imagined that I would fall in love with each and every part of this journey.

Today I had the opportunity to be a part of the food ministry. I was comfortable with construction and manual labor, but the evangelism was a different story. I am not the best at small talk, but I see now it is definitely something I need to work on. The people I met opened my eyes to something I never realized. When we live our daily lives – driving to work, to the gym, home, and then repeat – we don’t realize that there is a world out there yearning for their papa to remember them and come back from the USA, a world where the head of their household is lying in bed because of a stroke from which he never recovered. Experiencing this reminds me that life is “muy bonita,” and our lives may affect one another so much more than we know.

I met some friends by the work site, Katie and Jonathon. I believe God put them in my path for a reason. They taught me so much by doing so little. Their patience with me and my lack of Spanish amazed me. Both were 14, on the verge of young adulthood. I hope and pray that our conversations and fellowship affects them in some positive way.

Consequently, this trip thus far has changed my walk with God in such an eye opening way. While placing all my trust in Him, I’ve allowed myself to experience the most remarkable things. Although I do not speak up much to my group, I can say that I see God in every miniscule event on this trip because of the wonderful group I am with. I am so blessed to have been able to come, and cannot wait to see where this takes me!

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