Minor Memorial BBQ Sale

churchbbqPlease fill out order form and send with payment to:


Minor Memorial UMC

6120 Goodman Rd, West

Walls, MS 38680

Checks may be made to “MMUMC.”

Order forms and payment may also be brought to the church office. Office hours are: 9am-5pm (Mon-Thurs) and 9 am-1 pm (Fri)

Deadline to order is October 7.

Minor Memorial BBQ Order Form

Lay Servant School




Special guest, Charity Gordon will have a brief presentation at lunch on NO MORE MALARIA!


1. Basic Class-Cristen Barnard of Senatobia 1st UMC-District Lay Leader

2. Advanced class #1-LAY SERVANTS LEAD IN CONFLICT RESOLUTION-Jim Genesse-District Superintendent

3. Advanced class #2-Subject to be determined-will be led by Sonny and Amy Daniels



Coldwater UMC Celebrates 150 Years


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Sunday, October 9, 2016

2:00 PM – Registration and Fellowship

3:00 PM – Service Celebrating 150 Years of God’s Faithfulness

5:00 PM – Picnic Supper

You are invited to join us on OCTOBER 9th to help celebrate our 150th ANNIVERSARY as we gather together to praise God for all the work He has done through the ministry of COLDWATER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH.  

The keynote speaker for the Celebration will be Dr. Jimmy Buskirk, pastor of Coldwater United Methodist Church from 1961 to 1963, founding Dean of the School of Theology at Oral Roberts University and senior minister for 12 years at First United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our celebration will include a 2:00 PM Fellowship Time, a 3:00 PM Celebration Service and a 5:00 PM picnic supper provided by the church.  Historical memorabilia, pictures and displays will be located throughout the church.  Prints of the church suitable for framing will be available at no charge.

Our desire is to glorify God in our celebration.  This time of worship and celebration will be enriched by your participation.  We would love to have you join us in praising the Lord for all that He has done. The church’s address is: 558 Central Avenue Coldwater, MS 38618. For more information call 662-560-3449.

Rickey Haynes, Pastor

On Behalf of the Coldwater United Methodist Church Family

Dates to Save

  1. September 27-District Children’s Ministry Meeting at Buon Cibo
  2. October 2-Homecoming at Mt Vernon UMC
  3. October 15-Rev.Mary Hutson teaches a class (at the district office/limited enrollment) on Baptism in the UM Church!
  4. October 15-Minor Memorial Fall Festival
  5. October 25-District Children’s Ministry Meeting at Cracker Barrel
  6. November 21-25-Thanksgiving Holidays
  7. November 21-Desoto Cluster at Hernando UMC
  8. December 1-Clergy Christmas Party at Maples Memorial UMC
  9. December 10-11-Living Nativity at Bakers Chapel
  10. December 20-January 3(2017)-Christmas Holidays
  11. January 6-7, 2017…..save this date for tentative leadership training opportunity!  More details as plans are finalized
  12. January 16, 2017-MLK Day-office closed
  13. January 19, 2017-SPRC Training-at Batesville 1st UMC at 6:30…………………, let folks know this date when they are elected to the committee during charge conferences!
  14. January 28, 2017-VBS Showcase by Cokesbury at the District Office
  15. Feb 11, 2017-Pleasant Hill Valentines Celebration(Missions Fund raiser)
  16. Feb 25, 2017-District Lay Servant Training at Hernando UMC-sponsored by the Desoto Cluster
  17. February 28, 2017-Childrens Ministry Meeting at District Office
  18. March 28, 2017-District Childrens Ministry Meeting at Applebees
  19. April 14-17, 2017-Easter Holidays for District Office
  20. April 25, 2017-District Childrens Ministry Meeting at Hernando UMC
  21. May 29, 2017-Memorial Day-Office Closed
  22. June 12, 2017-Annual Conference Recovery Day!
  23. June 30-July 4, 2017-Independence Day Holidays

September 1-4, 2017-Labor Day Holidays


The people of his hometown said, “Isn’t he the carpenter, the son of Mary, and aren’t his brothers and sisters still with us?” Now we surely wouldn’t do it that way, but we can in another way.

We can limit Jesus by looking at the things we are most familiar with and not believe He can do any mighty works among them. We can limit Jesus by the way we see others we are familiar with, and the way we see our church, and the way we see ourselves that in a way that we can’t conceive that God can use us to do any mighty works. How often do we say, ”We are just a small country church”? We think that is being humble, but it is actually saying Jesus is not powerful enough to do any great works among us. We can limit Jesus by the way we see ourselves. We can fail to allow Jesus to do any mighty works in and through us because we just don’t believe he could ever use us or we could never do it. We must ask ourselves. What can Jesus do in and through us?

What can Jesus do in our churches, in our district, and through our United Methodist Mississippi Conference? Let us not be Blinded by The Familiarity of: we’ve never done it that way, the economy is low in our state, we just don’t have people with that kind of talent. We must remember, if we have Jesus in our hearts we have what it takes!

In order for us to do mighty works and not drift away into oblivion, we must not be blinded by the familiarity of past failures,


Excerpt from a reflection written by Rev. Dr. Jimmy Barnes,

Tupelo District Superintendent

Study on the Sacrament of Baptism

By Water and the Spirit “Baptism is at the heart of the gospel of grace and at the core of the church’s mission.  Through the work of the Holy Spirit–the continuing presence of Christ on earth–the church is instituted to …
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Collection Deadline for Flood Buckets

Tupelo District Office will be the collection point in this area.  The office is located at 3206 West Jackson Street, Tupelo, MS.  They will be delivering to the UMCOR warehouse in Louisiana.  Here’s what you have to do:  Call Ben …
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Children’s Ministry Meeting – Sept, 27

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Desoto County Cluster Meeting

When: September 19, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Where: Minor Memorial UMC, 6120 Goodman Rd, Walls, MS 38680, USA

Desoto County Cluster Meeting September 19, 2017 @7:00@Minor Memorial UMC 2 special guests! Kris Dorr, District Children’s Coordinator and Hernando UMC Children’s Pastor, will share plans for Compassion International Coming to Hernando! Charity Gordon will share the conference initiative NO MORE …
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Dates to Save

  September 19-Desoto Cluster at Minor Memorial October 2-Homecoming at Mt Vernon UMC October 15-Rev.Mary Hutson teaches a class (at the district office/limited enrollment) on Baptism in the UM Church! November 21-25-Thanksgiving Holidays November 21-Desoto Cluster at Hernando UMC December …
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